Propofol and Jackson's Death

Propofol become popular since the autopsy report of the death of Michael Jackson. Based on the 2009 autopsy report, "the cause of death is acute propofol intoxication," which caused Michael Jackson (The King of Pop) to stop breathing. In addition to propofol, the examiner also found traces of lorazepam, midazolam, lidocaine, diazepam and nordiazepam in Jackson's bloodstream.
What is the meaning of some of these medical terms? Following are brief explanation:
  • lorazepam (a benzodiazepine drug used to treat anxiety and insomnia)
  • midazolam (another benzodiazepine, indicated for insomnia and medical sedation)
  • lidocaine (a local anesthetic often included with propofol to relieve injection pain)
  • diazepam (a benzodiazepine to treat anxiety, insomnia and alcohol withdrawal)
  • nordiazepam (a benzodiazepine-derived sedative, often used to treat anxiety)
For our reference, better to know what is Propofol? Propofol is a drug that reduces anxiety and tension, and promotes relaxation and sleep or loss of consciousness. Propofol provides loss of awareness for short diagnostic tests and surgical procedures, sleep at the beginning of surgery, and supplements other types of general anesthetics.
What should my health care professional know before I receive propofol? They need to know if you have any of these conditions:
  • arrhythmia (rapid, slow, or irregular heart beat)
  • blood vessel disease
  • head injury
  • heart disease
  • high cholesterol
  • pancreatitis
  • seizures (convulsions)
  • an unusual or allergic reaction to propofol, anesthetics, other medicines, foods, dyes, or preservatives
  • pregnant or trying to get pregnant
  • breast-feeding
Taste Your Healthy Foods Enjoy Your Healthy Life

Simple Tips Before Cooking Frozen Foods

Simple Tips Before Cooking Frozen Foods
Cooking by plenty of vitamins is need knowledge and skills. Before you do it, may some questions below are useful:
~ Frozen foods do they keep all their vitamins? 
~ What do we lose by peeling fruit and vegetables? 
~ Should we focus on steaming?
Some of the questions that folder that you can enjoy a good diet rich in vitamins.
So before you put the stove:
  • Test your knowledge of vitamins.
  • Learn how to choose the best products, and keep them.
  • Explore tips for cooking your food by taking advantage of their nutritional value.
  • Also learn to cook your meats and vegetables.
Taste your healthy foods, enjoy your healthy life.

Nutrients Ingredient In Tuna

Nutrients Ingredient In Tuna
Tuna are fast swimmers, and some species are capable of speeds of 70 km/h (43 mph). Unlike most fish, which have white flesh, the muscle tissue of tuna ranges from pink to dark red. The red coloration derives from myoglobin, an oxygen-binding molecule, which tuna express in quantities far higher than most other fish.
Tuna is found in the warm water areas of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans as well as the Mediterranean Sea. People have been enjoying tuna as a food ever since time immemorial. And while fresh tuna has been enjoyed by coastal populations throughout history, smoked and pickled tuna was widely consumed since ancient times.
Fresh tuna has only one percent fat per body weight, making it a favored choice for those on low-fat diets. However, the depth of the water and water temperature will affect the fat content of the fish. This fat content can vary not only from catch to catch but also between different varieties of tuna.
There are nutrients ingredient in tuna:

Nutrients Ingredient In Tuna

Quick Serving Ideas:
  • Tuna is a featured ingredient in the classic French dish, Salad Nicoise, which pairs tuna fish with steamed green beans and potatoes.
  • The sky's the limit when making tuna salad since so many different ingredients nicely complement tuna's mild flavor. Some of our favorite tuna salad ingredients include olives, chili peppers, leeks, fennel and walnuts. Try using fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and a little mustard for a healthier way to make a tuna sandwich instead of mayonnaise. Stovetop Sear a tuna steak and add it to a salad of mixed greens and vegetables.
  • For an Asian-inspired meal with a hot streak, lightly brush a tuna steak with wasabi and soy sauce, and Quick Broil.


Balanced Diet Foods

Balanced Diet Foods
To stay healthy, we must adopt a balanced diet. But it is not always easy to know how to eat! A small selection of food should be occupied in the diet. Foods that can help you to stay healthy with a balanced diet as follows:
Cereals and Legumes
Cereals and legumes are rich in complex carbohydrates that can provide energy to the body over several hours, without causing insulin spike and thereby effect "pump stroke" as simple sugars, they must be high on the menu. In addition their fiber ensures an effect "appetite suppressant" natural.
They also contain good quality of plant proteins, without making any fat, or very little. And provide vitamins and minerals. Potato considered a starchy vegetable has the same profile as cereals and legumes.
Green Vegetables
With a low glycemic index, high in fiber, vitamins, trace elements and water, green vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked, and have the advantage of "wedge" for a low calorie intake. It is no coincidence that it is advisable to eat five a day to achieve a balanced diet. Green vegetables are also known as a food anti-radical with properties "anti-aging and anti-cancer".
Fresh green vegetables must be washed carefully, especially during pregnancy to avoid a risk of bacterial contamination. In this case, soak with a few vinegar then rinsed thoroughly.
Another requirement for a balanced diet is fresh fruits rich in vitamins, and fructose and complex sugars which could assimilated by the body. The fruit is preferable to 2-3 per day. As for nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts), they are rich in minerals and vitamin E. However, they are high in calories, and should be consumed frugally if you have overweight problem. 
Dairy Products
Rich in calcium, but also protein and carbohydrates, they are usually consumed skimmed or semi-skimmed milk to avoid consuming too much saturated fat. If overweight or obese, avoid eating too much cheese, naturally fat. Goat cheese or sheep would be preferred because it contains more alpha-linolenic acid (a substance that protects against cardiovascular disease) than cheese from cow's milk.
Meats, Fish and Eggs
Excellent source of protein, they are indispensable to the organization. Be careful to choose the good fat because they contain saturated fats (except fish that contain little), constitute a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The fish do not have this disability, on the contrary. Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, eel, and mackerel) contain omega-3 that protect against heart disease and "mood boosting". For a balanced diet, are strongly advised to raise consumption of fish.
It should be limited consumption of certain fats if you suffer from overweight. Can be eaten without damage a knob of butter a day (for its high vitamin A) and two tablespoons of vegetable oil rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (such as olive or canola), which lowers the bad cholesterol without affecting the good, and one tablespoon of vegetable oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (such as sunflower oil, corn, grape seed or soy), which contains essential fatty acids essential for the body can not synthesize.
To achieve a balanced diet: attention also to the "hidden fat" contained in the croissants, brioche or in cakes.
Simple Sugars
We consume without realizing it, because they are components of all kinds many prepared foods and soft drinks. They have the disadvantage of providing what nutritionists call empty calories, that is, with few vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to the body. As for sweets, they can eat from time to time but not excessive, the risk of not being in the balanced diet! Everyone knows that there is no worse than to completely exclude a category of food!

Nutrition And Health

Nutrition And Health
What is nutrition? Nutrition is the discipline that studies food and its use by the body. These nutrients are key elements of health due to disease is directly related to what we eat.

The importance of good nutrition is not a new idea. In 400 BC Hippocrates said that "food is our first medicine". Meanwhile, according to ancient Chinese medicine, food is also an important drug to prevent and even cure disease.

In the last century have shown a relationship between malnutrition and disease. There are several forms of malnutrition is now a public health problem in developing countries, such as blindness due to vitamin A deficiency and cretinism caused by iodine deficiency.
Along with the loss of Europe's major nutritional deficiency, malnutrition can be attributed to nutritional factors.
Currently there is evidence that heart disease and cancer are the two biggest causes of death in France, linked to the way we eat. It is well known that dietary factors are also associated with the occurrence of many other widespread diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis or obesity.
This means that good nutrition is a key factor for good health. For example, atherosclerosis - the phenomenon of hardening of the arteries - may begin early in life and can be halted or even reversed if we are to limit saturated fats in the diet. In other cases, we can know the importance of consuming dietary fiber to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

But outside of a protective role or, conversely "at risk" of certain nutrients, the idea of ​​ensuring a better diet for better health in its broadest sense has come into play. That is, nutrition is not just for the promise of better health or longer life, but also to improve the quality of our lives.
In addition to nutrition, exercise regularly, reduce the consumption of tobacco and alcohol, stress management, limiting exposure to environmental risk is a factor that greatly helped to improve the quality of life and health..

Stay Healthy In Summer With Right Foods

Stay Healthy In Summer With Right Foods
Summer would be difficult to handle, but here are some tips to stay healthy even in summer. When the temperatures rise, it is possible that decreased appetite, it is not true, however, do not eat properly.
There are people who love to eat in each season, but the heat is make uncomfortable and then go through the headache, drowsiness or insomnia for poor digestion and abnormal fatigue.
How can we eat in the summer to feel good? The easiest thing is to follow the seasonal products of fruits and vegetables, of course, that the earth gives to us this summer, only those most suitable to be consumed to stay healthy.
There are for your reference :

Water is not food, but we never tired to drink at least 1 ½ liters per day even more, when the weather is hot and sweating a lot.
Pineapple fruit is also a 90% water, so refreshing. It has vitamins, calcium and potassium and low in calories. and also promotes diuresis, have beneficial effects on the skin, contain beta-carotene and the nature anti-inflammatory.
Watermelon fruit symbol of summer. Sweet red meat contains a lot of water and to help hydration. Putting in refrigerator for at least a half hour is better and more refreshing.
Banana is perfect as a snack and help to avoid the annoying cramps.
Carrots contain beta-carotene and also contain lots of vitamins. The vitamins will remain intact if we eat raw or slightly pale
Cucumbers is effective diet products, contain lots of water and has a refreshing and diuretic properties.
Marjoram contain lots of vitamin C, soothing, regulates digestion and bowel function. The content of the candy (mint-the nature refreshing) is very refreshing and contains tonic, antispasmodic, analgesic, and even mild antiseptic.
Barley foods
Barley foods are the basis of a hot plate in many countries because of low calorie, anti-inflammatory and rich in minerals and fiber that regulates the bowel. Whole barley stew is very effective against intestinal diseases.
It is not a coincidence that in hot countries like Africa or the Middle East are accustomed to eating spicy foods, which actually has properties increased perspiration, which has a function to reduce body temperature naturally. Also gives a nice spicy blast of endorphins which can make us forget the heat.
Salt is weird, but eating salty foods help to keep the water in body tissues. Of course, on the one side is advantageous because it promotes cellulite and is not suitable for those with high blood pressure, but if consumed consciously, it's good. For more specific tips, consult with your doctor.

Other foods that good to be consumed in summer is berries fruit. Berries is sweet and juicy. Contain high vitamin C, minerals, potassium and manganese, so they are natural supplements that are very good to improve the blood circulation.

Fruits Juice And Fertility

Fruits Juice And Fertility
Fertility problems experienced by many couples and also about 2.1 million couples married in the United States.
While the treatment offered by doctors is very limited. Therefore, many couples are looking for other treatments in order to increase the opportunity to have a child.
One important factor in fertility is nutrition. However, to overcome fertility problems through nutritional approach, is often overlooked.
If the body lacks certain nutrients, the body will experience a biochemical imbalance. Unique biochemical processes of the body will begin to slow down and will not function normally until the imbalance that occurs can be overcome.
Ensuring that food consumed is good nutrition for the body is one of the most important thing to do. If you eat foods that are loaded with sugar content, chemicals, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and unhealthy fats, can cause infertility. Most people just do not realize the impact of nutrients for fertility.
Nutrition is a thing that might often overlooked, but is actually an underlying thing that whatever happens to the body. Not only fertility problems, but nutrients also may underlie the occurrence of various other diseases. How can expect the body is always fit and healthy, if no pay attention to good nutrition for our bodies.
Intake of other nutrients, like vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene, lycopene, iron, zinc, and selenium is needed for both men and women. Nutritious beverages can also help to overcome fertility problems.
As quoted from the Men's Health Tune Up, Monday (09/19/2011), there are fruits uice that can help to overcome fertility problems for men:
Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate juice is one drink that can help to overcome fertility problems. Pomegranate juice can increase sperm count and fertility.
It is believed that a very potent antioxidant found in pomegranates. Antioxidants have the benefit of the fatty acids may protect sperm from damage.
The Combination of Guava Juice and Watermelon
A combination of guava and watermelon juice can also greatly help to overcome fertility problems. The combination of these juices can have the elements needed by man to become effective in reproduction.
Lycopene contained in guava, has antioxidant properties that have a benefit to help overcome fertility problems. The benefits of lycopene are able to improve the function of the male reproductive system.
The simplest thing is most easily done to make the body healthy and fit is to improve the balance of nutrients for the body. Thus, there is no harm in trying a few variations of fruit juice to help overcome the fertility problems experienced.

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